Trip Planning

The trip planning outline below will be updated periodically right up until the last minute. Check back from time to time and see what’s in store for our upcoming trip. Know of a great ‘off the beaten path’ destination? Know a place that all the locals go? Drop us a comment and we will check it out.

If you have the chance to see something, go see it!

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It’s about time to get away! Put the alarm clock on silent for awhile, kick back and relax. Sounds wonderful and I can’t wait but who am I kidding? We will be in a new area, so this part of the we will want to get out and EXPLORE! R & R will have to be built into the itinerary. I love researching ahead of time, it gets me excited to get there and ‘see’ what I have been reading about. So where are we off to? What ‘beautiful things’ will end up on our final itinerary? Follow along and check back for updates. The best places are ‘where the locals go’ so, if you know of a great stop in the area, be sure and drop us a note!

So where are we going?

We will be camping on the Indian reservation in Cherokee, NC the last week of September. We have made our reservations and can’t wait to get to it.

What are we going to do when we get there?

We will be towing the trike so hubby will be routing out some cool bike rides and I will select our tourist destinations around them. We might have company a few days, so the menu needs to have a few picnic dinners and desserts. Part of our team (me) is a foodie, so I’ll be scouting a nice lunch destination as well as a place to enjoy a picnic. Hopefully near a waterfall! {Click Here} to see my research notes. I will be working on our itinerary and will post the final plan closer to the trip.

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