New Favorite Campground

Back to work after an absolutely fabulous week spent in the western part of our great state of North Carolina. The worst part of vacation is the last day, packing up our campsite had me feeling like I wanted to stay there forever. I was very sad to have this trip come to an end….

Ready To Go

We are ready to head out on our next adventure, it seems like forever since we pulled our RV out of the driveway and are so excited. Check out all the exciting things we have on our itinerary! Hopefully we can take in all these wonderful sites, but our ultimate goal is rest and relaxation….

We Are Booked

Follow along as we plan our next trip. Have a great destination for that area? Drop us a line. We are always looking for where the locals go!

Home ‘Away’ From Home Improvements

Late Easter, late everything. I am really itching for some much needed R&R. I feel like by this time last year, we had already taken more trips. If we did, I don’t know how we fit them in. Hubby is traveling more for work, and since we adopted Scruffy, it doesn’t seem like we have…

OBX Bound

I am partial to our coastline. You will often hear me say, “We have the best beaches”. I will sneak off as often as I can, just to take a leisurely stroll, pick up a few shells and take in a deep breath of salty air. The best part about the beach is the feeling…


Every family has their own traditions, ours happens to be, the tree goes up right after Thanksgiving, and down with the New Year. I have to admit, I’ve missed the wooden deer in my front yard, especially since we shine a spotlight on them. I think I miss the light most, but, if you’ve noticed,…

Meet Scruffy,

Meet scruffy! The newest member of our family. We rescued him from a shelter, but the truth is, he rescued us. Admittedly, I’ve been putting this post off. The fact is Scruffy has some big shoes to fill, but so far he is doing a pretty good job. Born in July of 2018 we don’t…


This summer has been our first season traveling in our RV and we have loved every minute of it. One of the reasons we chose the Thor  Gemini 23 TB model is it’s size. At a compact twenty four feet (if you include the ladder) it is easy set up and take down but still…

Gilmore Car Museum – Hickory Corners, MI

If you have a chance to see something, go see it! If you ever get the chance, go see the Gilmore Car Museum; sitting on 90 acres of land, they are the largest auto museum in North America.  There are over 400 vehicles to tour set up in multiple barns including a Model A Ford…

Off the Grid

  Many of our chosen destinations are completely off grid. Take the time before heading out to jot down the address and driving directions. Your GPS may not be available! It is also a good idea to have a map/atlas on hand just in case.