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  • Therapy Dog
    Scruffy has never met a stranger. He has become an important part of our family. He has a gift, he adopts people wherever he goes. He has never met a stranger. He has become the official mascot of the Roanoke chapter of the Southern Cruisers Riding Club. Scruffy logged about 400 miles at the national... […]
  • Canine Crawl
    I had so much fun out with Scruffy this past weekend supporting a great cause at the 19th annual canine crawl for the Humane Society of Eastern Carolina. I can’t believe I have never participated before, even when we had the pugs. Fact is, Scruffy is much more suited to things like this. We have... […]
  • Walking For My Friends
    Scruffy will be out and about today walking for a cause. Click For Details
  • Choose My Doggo
    Hop on over to Instagram to like Scruffy’s application to be North Carolina’s first Doggy Travel Agent! Missed last week’s blog? Never miss a thing, sign up here for weekly blog post updates. Unsubscribe anytime. Don’t forget to ‘like’ my Facebook page and follow me on Instagram. We Love Postcards! Send us one from your... […]

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