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Hi, My name is Yvonne and the younger guy in the picture with me is my husband Robert. I am the primary writer/blogger, but we are in this together.  We have raised our family, built careers, shed many tears together, and are now left with the empty nest, and the age old question of what do we do now? We are too young to retire, but anxious to get out there in search of beautiful things. So in  2018, the year I began this blog, we invested in a motorhome and a Harley Tri-Glide. Those are our toys, and our chosen mode of travel. From quick weekend trips, to weeklong adventures, we are out and about on them every chance we get. This blog was created as a way to document our travels, but has quickly become a creative outlet for me. It has been a blessing in disguise. Our quest to find beauty wherever we go has been part of my healing process after the death of our son in 2017. It gives me a reason to keep moving forward, keep living! I love to see when I have a new follower, or when someone likes an Instagram or Facebook post. Gives me a little pick me up, which seems to help drive me forward. So, if you are following me or just stopping by to take a look around, thank you for being a part of my recovery process. I hope I have touched your heart in whatever way needed to keep you moving forward. I hope you too are learning to find something beautiful every day.

Welcome to My Pretired Life. 

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