Canine Crawl

I had so much fun out with Scruffy this past weekend supporting a great cause at the 19th annual canine crawl for the Humane Society of Eastern Carolina. I can’t believe I have never participated before, even when we had the pugs. Fact is, Scruffy is much more suited to things like this. We have been socializing him from the first day we adopted him. We wanted a dog that could handle just about any situation. From motorcycle riding to events such as this. He made me so proud this weekend. He has always loved people, but has never been around that many dogs all at one time. He was a perfect gentleman and greeted people and dogs alike respectively. He picked up a few new toys and a nice hoodie for the cold weather about to set in. There were so many vendors and food trucks set up, Scruffy scored so many treats, that I had to start telling people no more, because I was afraid he was going to get sick. The one mile fun run had us walking the city streets with police escorts and watering holes on every block. It was a lot of fun. We truly enjoyed the entire day together. He was so exhausted he slept the entire ride home. This certainly will become an annual event for us.

Humane Society Canine Crawl