Staging To Sell

Halloween is over and November is in full swing. The end of the year celebrations will be quickly upon us. I can’t seem to get into the spirit. I say it every year but I think this year may be more because I never put out my pumpkins. But ready or not, the holidays are here. Time to break out the holiday spirit. I can’t decide if I want to pull out some fall decorations or go straight into Christmas. I know one thing, I am getting so excited about putting this house on the market, this week we began work on some landscaping projects. I am hoping I can convince Robert to put out my holiday deer in the front this weekend. Since the time change, it is dark when I get home. The spotlight we put on the deer puts off just enough light in the front yard. I need to finish up some trim paint, and Robert is putting the final touches on the floor, installing thresholds. It won’t be long now. My den is nearly put back together, complete with moving my fish tank back in. What a chore that is to move. I seriously contemplated not setting it back up. I do enjoy looking at my fish, it really is a great stress reliever. I have moved that tank twice in the same number of months, but this time I had a lot of trouble getting my canister filter to prime again. I really hope I don’t have the same trouble when we actually move, because pumping that prime button so many times gave me blisters. I am left with the dilemma of how am I going to manage actually moving this tank to another house? Believe it or not, in order to preserve the water cycle, I stored most of it in the bathtub. The tank is much too heavy to move with any water or gravel left inside. For both moves, I only had one casualty, and it was completely by accident. I had three albino catfish, Ying, Yang and Yo. All my fish went into a bucket with an air stone, and the water and tank decorations went in my bathtub. (I know, I know, gross – don’t worry, the tub has since been sanitized) I thought I had captured all of my fish, but when I got the tank set back up the second time, and was putting the fish back, I couldn’t find the third catfish. I was completely baffled, how could I have lost a fish. I mean it was no where to be found. I thought. I was searching through gravel, taking flashlights to the bucket of water I had stored the fish in, but it was M.I.A. Well, here comes Robert, he had the fish in his hand. He had somehow got scooped up in a bucket of water and had been in the tub. Since he was white, he blended right in. After all the water I could get out of the tub was back in the tank, I pulled the plug, leaving the poor thing to suffocate. I felt so bad and now I have no Yang for my Ying or something like that. I have some time to think about how to handle the next tank move. For now, I am just glad to have my living space back.

Let the holiday season begin!

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