Tail Of The Dragon

Day two of our trip we were up before the sun to the cool mountain air. We had to put on sweatpants and long sleeves, but we got a lovely morning walk in before heading out for our first trike ride. We weren’t really sure how Scruffy was going to do, so we headed down the mountain into Cherokee, not really knowing how far we would actually get. He did so well, we continued on into Bryson City. I had Bryson City’s Island Park on our itinerary. We were going to enjoy a nice picnic lunch there. We couldn’t find it. Seriously, we tried. Instead, we ate our lunch outside of the visitor center and then headed over to Deal’s Gap. The ride was absolutely breathtaking. I am so glad we checked this one off of hubbies bucket list together. If ever I had a moment that took my breath away, it was on this day. The weather was perfect, and the leaves were beginning to turn; they seemed to fall lazily, dancing the whole way down in front of us. It was a beautiful experience. At one point, the road seemed to open up to an incredible mountain view. This was the moment, the moment you know you are but a small part of the universe. Mother Nature in all her glory is truly amazing. We stopped on the roadside just past this point and yet another amazing view was set before us. [image below]

This entire ride kept me in a state of awe. I was able to clear my mind of all the stresses of work and just take it all in. We did make it into Deal’s Gap so of course we had to ‘Ride the Dragon’. Eleven miles of twists and turns up the mountain. I have to admit, some of those turns had me clinging to my seat like a white knuckle flyer, but, now we can say we’ve ‘done the dragon’! And the best part, we didn’t donate anything to the tree of shame. We had the best week in Cherokee, click on the video links below to ride the dragon with us! Be sure to follow us on Facebook and Instagram for more highlights.

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