Adventures of a Little White Dog

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My name is Scruffy AKA Verne. I am a mischief maker, a therapist and a traveling dog. I am no fru-fruey dog. I play rough and tumble, don’t care if I get dirty, chomp and tear up all my toys, run around in circles at breakneck speed, and if I fall, I just shake it off and keep right on going. I know how to break out my sweet side though. If I feel someone is down on their luck, its kind of my job to make them smile, I’m a therapy dog (sort of).

#ScruffyAKAVerne – Therapy Dog in Training

I don’t remember much about my first few months of life but I remember the day I met my folks. I was locked in a cement room with no windows or doors. The man came and got me and locked me in there. It felt like I was there forever, but the best day was the day I met them. The man came and took me out of that room to a sort of play area. My mom was sitting on the floor waiting for me. I was real nervous at first, so I crawled over to her on my belly. She scooped me up and hugged me with tears in her eyes. I could feel our connection right away, it made me so happy I bounced around that small room, trying my best to bring a smile to her face, and I did it! I knew I was going home and that we would be inseparable from that moment on. Everything happened so fast after that. I got my own bed that first night, It was so much better than the cement floor. I felt so safe and secure, and slept so good. The next day I went to the doctor and got my first bath. I wasn’t real sure I liked it that much, but now baths are A okay. I get real special treats afterwards and play a great game of shaking the water off of me and onto my mom. It always makes her smile. She tells me I’m fresh, but I can tell by her voice that it makes her happy. That first weekend, I went on a little camping trip. I wasn’t so sure what was happening. I remember feeling scared, I didn’t know if I was being sent somewhere else or what. Now I know it’s just part of me, I love to go everywhere my folks go and get so excited when I see the RV being packed up. I’m just a traveling kind of therapy dog. (Well, not officially, yet) I’m a little over a year now and I’m still pretty rough and tumble. I have been to a lot of places in this past year and tried a lot of new things. Motorcycle riding, swimming, kayaking, camping, riding with the top down, but the best thing I like to do is walk. Every day when it gets to be time for mom to get home from work, I’m ready. I hop in the car and hope they put the top down so I can feel the wind in my hair and smell all the smells on the way to my favorite walking area. We walk by the water and there are so many people and other dogs. I love it when the people fuss over me, and when I get hugs from the little ones. I sit real still like my mom taught me, and let them squeeze my neck. I stop and see my friend on the golf cart and he gives me a biscuit. I make my rounds, stopping at all the places that leave the water bowls out for me. On the long walk days, we walk past a restaurant where the people sit in the windows and they smile and point at me. I like that nice attention but they never give me any doggie bags. I just won a photo contest. It’s my cover photo, I am doing my part to spread happiness wherever I go. If you see me out and about, make sure to show me some of that good attention. Want to read more about me? Check out the links below. I’m also on Instagram. You can follow my hashtag #ScruffyAKAVerne there, who knows, maybe I will become a real therapy dog someday.

Meet Scruffy

Scruffy’s 1st Birthday

I love to get real mail. Send me a postcard anytime and I’ll send you back my latest treat.

My Pretired Life

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PO Box 1482 Washington, NC 27889

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