Green Acres

Summer is beginning to wind down but still very hot here in the south. I am sneaking in a little weekend trip with my granddaughters before school starts back up. We are camping in an old campground that I used to take my Girl Scout troop to many moons ago. It’s like stepping back in time, nothing has really changed here. Very cute, very rustic, but perfect for spending time with them. I chose this campground, one, because I was already familiar with it, two, there is plenty to do, and three, it doesn’t cost an arm and a leg. We are set up in campsite #1 which is right next to the pool and playground, so I’m thinking I’ll probably be in the pool most of the weekend. Tonight is kid friendly bingo, hopefully we can win a few tokens to use in the store and game room. At some point we will venture over and play some mini golf, and Saturday night is prom night, so we will be dressing up for that. Grandma has spent the last few weeks scouring Pinterest, and has plenty of little tricks up her sleeve to keep little ones busy just in case. When I asked my youngest what her number one thing she wanted to do was, she said she wanted to roast marshmallows. With all the things to do here we will have to figure a way to squeeze that in. But what is camping without a campfire and marshmallows? By the time the weekend is over, this grandma will need a long nap!

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