Scruffy’s 1st Birthday

July seems to be our birthday month. You won’t catch me complaining, not one bit. Looks like we will be eating cake every weekend. Cake is good for the soul, right? Two cakes come to mind and both are making my mouth drool right now. This year marks our thirtieth anniversary, I will be resurrecting an easy chocolate ice cream loaf cake. To be served up for my hubby’s birthday (if I can find it) Stay tuned for this super easy recipe. My son-in-law has a birthday next week and I am secretly hoping my daughter will whip up her homemade chocolate cake! Are you seeing a theme yet? Chocolate, yup, that’s it. Also good for the soul. There is one birthday that cannot feature chocolate. Can you guess who’s that is? #ScruffyAKAVerne. I am working on a little puppy party to celebrate. There won’t be cake, but you can count on a cute video or two. We adopted Scruffy on October 17, 2018 and our vet guessed he was about three months old at that time.

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We are only just guessing on his actual birthday but we will celebrate his on July 17th. Scruffy sure has grown into quite the dog! Everybody loves Scruffy! He keeps me on my toes and gives me a run for my money most days. I often tell people he is not a ‘beginner’ dog. He can be a handful at times but he sure has brought a lot of love and happiness back into our lives. When picking up Scruffy, I had high hopes for him becoming a therapy dog. With his boundless energy and a stubborn streak that tries my patience some days, I quickly realized therapy dog might not be the best fit for him. I changed directions and began researching agility training. After reading several books on the subject, I decided, I just want to have fun with this dog. He is a lot of fun and in his own way, he has become a sort of therapy dog. He loves people and seems to be attracted to those that appear to be down on their luck. He literally won’t take no for an answer for his chosen patients, crawling on his belly over to them, rolling over so they can pet his belly. He always brings them a smile and this makes my heart warm inside. I know he touches lives and I see a great future for him.

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Wish Scruffy a Happy Birthday!

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