Sea World

People don’t realize when you travel for work you don’t get to see much. Most of my time is spent inside a convention center. I’ve visited some nice ones though. LOL

Last month I was in Orlando and my hotel was right across from Sea World. This was actually a bucket list item for me until the trainer was killed a few years ago. I pulled it off my list more because of the stories about how the whales were being treated in captivity. All media hype, I’m sure they are well cared for, but these huge whales need to be free. No, I’m not going to ‘Free Willy’ or anything, it’s just ironic to be so close to a bucket list dream and not be able to actually do it. I did venture out for a nice walk during lunch and stepped into a chocolate factory. It’s amazing the shapes that people will mold into confections.

‘Just sayin’ any who … the weather was lovely and the palm tree lined sidewalks were gorgeous. I didn’t see any strolling alligators, but nice to be out in the sunshine. It was a lovely day with a beautiful breeze, I enjoyed watching the palm trees sway and listening to a bird singing above me, he seemed to follow me bouncing from tree limb to tree limb singing up a storm. I imagine he was hoping I would toss a few bread crumbs his way. I might not have been able to take in a show at Sea World but it was nice to enjoy the sunshine at least for a bit.

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