Inspired By Dr. Seuss

After having such a great week of being completely unplugged it was off to Chicago for the week. I left in great spirits, recharged and ready to get back to work. Even though I had to fly out early on Memorial Day while the rest of my company had the day off, I was ready. The plan to land in Chicago by 4:30, grab a quick bite and get tucked in early. With a noon meeting the next day, it would give me the morning to wade through all the emails that came in while on vacation.

Back To The Grind

Well, you know what they say about Murphy’s Law? Whatever can go wrong, will. Let’s just say none of the stars aligned, and I had the worst traveling experience in all of my life! Terrible thunderstorms in Chicago grounded flights in or out and thus began my travel day from H. E. double hockey sticks! I ended up rerouted through Connecticut, arriving at 1:30AM with a connecting flight early in the morning. Of course, my luggage was rerouted in a completely different location, and I ended up barely making that noon meeting, in the jeans and a t-shirt I left my house in the previous morning.

Murphy’s Law

I have to say there were times during all the chaos, I questioned exactly what I was doing. But everything worked out in the end, and I made it home to put my feet up, and enjoy the weekend with my hubby and #ScruffyAKAVerne. The greeter at Bradley airport was a statue of Dr. Seuss. This inspired me to write and as you can tell, sleep deprivation makes me quite silly!

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One plane two plane, red plane blue plane. None will take off, the weather is dreadful, standby for the next one, sit tight just sit down. Don’t let your smile turn into a frown. Oh dear can it be? My standby just canceled. A meeting tomorrow, I must get to, and pronto. No planes heading in, no planes heading out. Terrible storms, have messed all the flights up. My meeting can’t wait, I must try a new plan. Just how will I get there, with no flights headed out? I must go and stand, in the long customer service line. High hopes they can help me, get there in time. Oh no! This is wrong! How can this be? I’m flying to Connecticut, instead of ORD. The best option they say, so I better listen, but this late in the day, all I need is relaxing. A bed and a shower, that’s my plan now, they have me connecting, at six am tomorrow. Oh dear, can it be, I’m being tested this day, my luggage is heading another way. It left without me, oh dear this is dreadful. It’s heading to Indy, which has me quite fretful. Will it arrive in time for my meeting? Will I still be in my jeans from this evening? I should already be there, oh why woe is me. Try to keep positive, just keep it together, no one can help this crazy bad weather. So what if you have no business casual, just lay your head down, and get to it tomorrow. Things will work out, they always do, just go with the flow, take a breath or two. A wink of sleep, a hot shower at least. Be thankful you made it here in one piece. Maybe, just maybe, your luggage will catch up, won’t that be the best kind of luck? Worst case scenario, you’ll attend in your jeans. No one will notice, no one will care, so long as you made it, they’ll be happy your there.

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