Home ‘Away’ From Home Improvements

Late Easter, late everything. I am really itching for some much needed R&R. I feel like by this time last year, we had already taken more trips. If we did, I don’t know how we fit them in. Hubby is traveling more for work, and since we adopted Scruffy, it doesn’t seem like we have had much free time. Of course, we have been getting ready for our next big trip, making some RV improvements. For starters, we removed our prefab love seat and installed stressless recliners. I am so excited about these! I really like the way they look. Robert attached the table leg to the bottom of a piece I painted, for a smaller table option. I think after our first trip, we left the stock table in the garage. It just didn’t work well for us. The TV placement in the main salon was too high for us before, but now that we can recline, we should be able to watch a movie comfortably without straining our neck. I still want to cover the table leg, so I am planning on trying my hand at some macramé very soon in order to dress it up. Other purchases are a new windshield cover that attaches around the outside front and side windows, a new griddle top grill, and a screened in tent to keep the mosquitos at bay. On the inside, I am getting ready to mount baskets in the bathroom to store additional towels and add hooks to the back of the bathroom door. I am still contemplating how to add a bungee cord system for the inside of the medicine cabinet, to keep smaller items contained, and I am looking for a better way to manage our dirty clothes and shoes. Any suggestions? Feel free to share. Oh, and PS: I added my website to our doors. If you see us, make sure to give us a wave!

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