With all the stress in my life, I have been trying to incorporate some mindfulness techniques into my life. I have tried meditation but my mind wanders so badly that I can never seem to get ‘grounded’ as they say. In fact, I can’t even describe what ‘grounding’ feels like. If I try to think of nothing, a little bit of everything seems to pop in my mind, and then, it’s like a freight train of little somethings! Did I remember to take something out for dinner? Did I remember to remove the formulas from the report I turned in today? When is the next time the dogs medicine is due? I need to put that on my calendar. Speaking of calendars, what meetings do I have scheduled tomorrow? Speaking of tomorrow, what’s the weather going to be like? And on, and on … I have tried essential oil diffusers, classical music, steaming hot baths by candlelight, standing up at work at least once per hour (when I remind myself not to ignore my reminder) sleeping in complete darkness. Yoga (lets just say this body needs that stretch) Any new technique I read about, I am going to give it a try. Some things stick, others don’t. ( yoga-enough said) This weekend, while browsing for a book on my latest mindfulness venture (macrame), I came across a mindfulness word search puzzle book. You know I picked it up. Every day has a new word search, the words themselves are all part of a daily affirmation quote. The intro to the book stated it helps keep your mind occupied so all the little somethings won’t come rambling in. Like an exercise for your brain. I did the first one yesterday afternoon and I have to say it worked! I can’t think of a single ‘floater thought’ that crept in while doing the puzzle. I only remember the affirmation.

“I am enjoying all of the sights on this wonderful journey of life”

I think I might have stumbled onto something that will help give my overactive brain a rest. I would think any sort of puzzle book would do but I like the fact that it gives you an affirmation quote for each new puzzle.

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