Texas Chili

My recent trip to Dallas was a short turn around. Doesn’t leave much time for exploring but you know I found some time to find a few ‘beautiful things’. For example, the Blue Buffalo mascot came for a visit. You just never know who you are going to meet along the way.

Oh The People You Meet

We ate lunch at The Owners Box, a sports bar inside the Omni hotel which is attached to the convention center. Every restaurant had such beautiful art and very tempting menu choices, but of course I was fascinated by the floor in the sports bar. I know, I know. Crazy right? I do love to collect strange things, so you know I had to snap a few pics! Larger than life newspaper sport articles laminated in a collage as you enter the restaurant just drew me right in.

Larger Than Life Floor (bottom right) Drew Me In

What better thing to eat in Texas? Some Texas smoked brisket chili of course. I almost passed on this bowl of deliciousness, but had to inquire how this chili was prepared; since the ingredients did not include beans, I was all in. It was in fact the best tasting chili I have ever had! The brisket was so tender it seemed to melt right in your mouth. So worth it! I’d go back just for the chili! With a full day on the convention floor and a seven am flight back home, lunch was truly the highlight of this trip. Next stop, Orlando, Florida; another work convention. Maybe I’ll get a chance to do a little exploring! Even if I don’t get to put my feet in the sand, one thing is for sure, I will be collecting some beautiful things

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