Spring Has Sprung

Every family has their own traditions, ours happens to be, the tree goes up right after Thanksgiving, and down with the New Year. I have to admit, I’ve missed the wooden deer in my front yard, especially since we shine a spotlight on them. I think I miss the light most, but, if you’ve noticed, it has already started to stay light later. Spring is in the air! Found these lovelies during our afternoon walk yesterday. The groundhog predicted it, but this is a sure sign that warmer temps are on their way, and I am itching to do some exploring! This will be our second season in our RV and one of the things we like the best is, it is so easy to pick up and go. Easy set up, easy take down, and the best part is, I can drive it! We love checking out all the state parks and there are so many within a few hours of us, we can just pick up and go Friday afternoon, and be back for the workweek come Monday. I don’t think we would go as much as we do with a fifth wheel or trailer. Check out the full specs here. Some of the ideas we have so far include, visiting lighthouses along our eastern coast via trike, RV and ferry; barbecue sampling along the way. There are so many we have yet to encounter along the North Carolina Barbecue Trail. We will be breaking out the kayaks again, and hubby is dabbling with attaching some sort of sail to his. I am going to pass on that, but plan on trying out fishing in mine. Scruffy has turned into quite the travel companion too! He loves to go as much as we do. We originally thought we could attach a pet carrier to the luggage rack of the trike like the one here, but he is so close to the weight limit, we are reluctant. We are still considering ways for him to tag along on the trike, and we are certainly up for any suggestions. Some of my work destinations include Dallas and Orlando. Both are pretty quick trips, so I am not sure how much exploring I will be able to do. I will certainly be on the lookout for beautiful things! Destinations we have been toying with include Nashville, TN, Charleston, SC and Williamsburg, VA, but nothing set in stone yet. December will be our thirtieth wedding anniversary, we have no idea what we plan on doing to celebrate. One thing we do know, we are not the cruise or resort type people, so it will involve an RV trip, destination TBD. Any ideas to share? Make sure to ‘LIKE’ my page on Facebook so you don’t miss some of my quick status updates, follow #ScruffyAKAVerne on my Instagram page and sign up for a weekly email in case you miss anything along the way. And no matter what else, make sure you find something beautiful every day!

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