Snow Days

Normally by this time of year we have already lived through our first snowstorm (all 1/2″ of it) but so far no snow, and frankly I am disappointed. I was looking forward to letting Scruffy experience his first ever snow, and secretly hoping to build snow trolls. What are snow trolls you say? Well, I can’t verify this of course, but I think my youngest daughter invented them. She shares my love of the out-of-doors, so I bet she is missing the snow too. Living in the south, you don’t get much snow, but when you do, you take full advantage of it. In her twenties now, she still gets out and builds them. Short, stubby little snowmen, usually with rocks and sand mixed into each layer. You have to snap pictures of them pretty quick because they are gone before you know it. As I type this post, it is sixty degrees. A quick check of the weather shows temps will be dipping down in the twenties overnight. That’s just the way it goes around here and we may still get that annual snow sooner or later. We always seem to want what we can’t have, and fond childhood memories are fun to reflect on. Growing up in the North, I remember snowstorms that left you housebound for days on end, drifts so high they reached the roof top! ‘SNOW DAYS’ out of school were the best; but, cabin fever is real, and I am sure by now, if you have snow, you are so sick of it! Spring is coming. Fifty days seems so far away, but there are signs everywhere. I bet even in the northern states, if you look hard enough there are signs. Take a look at some of the flowering trees, I bet they already have buds on them!

Snow Trolls

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