From The Mountains To The Sea

I believe I might just live in the perfect location. A few hours west and I can be hiking in the mountains; heading east, I have my feet in the sand in no time! I really do have the best of both worlds and this is my favorite time of year. I let the weather guide my plans, because you really never know what your going to get from week to week. One week temps could climb to near 70 degrees, and dip to freezing the next. Honestly, there are times when this changes from day to day. You may have to scrape the frost from your windshield for your morning commute, but by lunchtime, you can soak up the warm sunshine, while taking a walk by the water. I really let the weather be my guide for activities this time of year, and I have learned to layer my clothing. If you ever see pictures of southern people in January, wearing shorts and flip-flops, and wonder why they have a sweatshirt on? My guess, they are headed to the beach! We will be bracing for our first snow of the season here shortly, but, check out the video on my Instagram site, taken last night, it’s a sure sign that our spring is just around the corner!

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Trike Riding In the Piedmont!

Taking In Some Crisp Mountain Air!

Winter Beach Therapy!

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A Sure Sign That Spring Is On The Way!

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