Meet Scruffy,

Meet scruffy! The newest member of our family. We rescued him from a shelter, but the truth is, he rescued us. Admittedly, I’ve been putting this post off. The fact is Scruffy has some big shoes to fill, but so far he is doing a pretty good job. Born in July of 2018 we don’t know how he ended up in the shelter, and at that time we had no intention of replacing my recently passed away pug. Abby had my heart wrapped around her paw from day one and she will always be my ‘baby girl’. My husband bought her for me during a difficult period of my life. She helped fill a void in my heart for eleven years, by my side, through tremendous heartache. We learned of her cancer in February of 2018 and she held on for me until July (same timeframe that Scruffy would have been born). After she passed, there was a silence in our house that was deafening, but, we both agreed, we could not take on another pet due to our frequent travel lifestyle. By September, we had begun talking about what type of dog would fit our lifestyle, one that could travel well, not have as many physical limitations as a pug, but, we still agreed that now was not the time. October 17, 2018 was the one year anniversary of our son’s passing and by sheer coincidence, a few days prior to that dreadful date, we were looking at rescue dogs online. We looked at several very cute pups but kept coming across Scruffy’s mugshot. Most of the dogs we saw were already in foster care and had very cute, posed pictures. Scruffy literally had a mugshot, but there was just something about him that drew me in. We adopted him from the shelter on the anniversary of my sons death. Although nothing can fill that hole in my heart, I now have a happy memory to help ease the pain. Dirty, skinny and covered in fleas, he stole my heart. He has brought tremendous joy to us both ever since. You can follow Scruffy on my Instagram page #ScruffyAKAVerne and if you are considering a new pet, consider a rescue. You won’t regret it!

In honor of my ‘baby girl’ check out this poem shared on Pinterest.

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  1. Nothing will ever completely fill the hole left but sharing your life with this ABSOLUTELY adorable pup will help heal some of it. I’m so happy Scruffu has his forever home with you and Robert, I know first hand what an awesome and loving person you are! Love it ou guys! Oh and I’m headed to Instagram to follow #SCRUFFYAKAVERNE now.


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