Small Town, USA

November is typically time for me to take a breather, no work travel until next year! Whoop! Whoop! But, you can’t really keep me down, I’m going to find something to do. I love exploring, even if it’s in my own backyard. On our recent trip to Sylvan Heights Bird Park I picked up a magazine featuring upcoming events in Eastern NC. Flipping through it that evening, I came across a festival in Macclesfield, NC. I had heard of the town, but when I Googled it and learned it was between Greenville and Tarboro, it was in my mind, the perfect location to meet up with some friends of ours that live in Tarboro. For a small town, population of 438 in 2017, I was quite surprised. It truly was a great way to reconnect. Picked up these great earrings, you never know when you need hand painted gourds to dress up an outfit. The highlight was the petting zoo featuring a sloth, kangaroo and many more, it inspired another bucket list item. I never knew there was an exotic animal exhibit and petting zoo in Macclesfield, NC. Had I not picked up that magazine I might have never known. It’s A Zoo Life is a must do trip. By appointment only, your group is paired up with a trainer that brings you inside each habitat for an up close personal experience. I can’t wait! You never know what you will find in ‘Small-town, USA.

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