The older I get the quicker the years seems to fly by. I say it every year and I’ll say it again, I can’t believe tomorrow is Thanksgiving! What a wonderful holiday, a beloved time of year that began so many generations ago as a harvest celebration shared between the Pilgrims and Indians at Plymouth Colony. Every family has different traditions, but the typical menu these days usually involves Tom Turkey. The closer you get to the holiday the deeper the sale price and the water cooler talk is always about where to find the best deal. The guest of honor is best purchased in advance and left to thaw in the refrigerator in time to pop in the oven early Thursday morning. As seen in my cover photo, I always clean out my fridge before purchasing mine. Next month will be our 29th wedding anniversary and every year since we have been together we have spent the holiday with my husbands family. In all those years, Tom Turkey has never been part of the feast. The main menu item has always been chicken & pastry. Homemade pastry from scratch rolled out the night before as thin as you can possibly get it and left to dry overnight. I am not sure if chicken & pastry is a traditional southern Thanksgiving menu item or one born out of necessity in order to feed many hungry mouths on a slim pocketbook. No matter how it began, it has become a staple that has been passed on at least two generations that I know of and hopefully one that will continue for many more. In order to continue my traditional Thanksgiving of turkey, mashed potatoes and cranberry sauce with pumpkin pie for dessert, I cook for us on Friday. This year that torch is passing on to my youngest daughter, she purchased the turkey and her husband is smoking it on the grill. I am in charge of sweet potatoes, asparagus and pies at my mother-in-laws and appetizers and dessert at my daughters. One tradition I just can’t give up is homemade turkey stock and turkey and rice soup. I will have to beg my daughter for the leftover turkey carcass, but I don’t think she will give it up since she has adopted that tradition! Maybe it will pass down a few generations!

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