The Mountains Are Calling


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One of these years I am going to time going to the mountains in October just right. I was so excited to head up and see all the beautiful colors of the changing of the leaves. Our last trip, we went too late and it was freezing with zero leaves. This trip, at least there were leaves on the trees but very little color. Everything was still so green. Boo. But, the minute I can see the mountains on the horizon, I feel excitement. The view never gets old that’s for sure. So much to experience. This time around we rented a spot at Mama Gerties. The RV park sits on the side of the mountain and has spectacular views. The perfect spot to ride the Blue Ridge Parkway. Checked off a bucket list item riding the sidewinder trail, highway 9 in Ashville, NC. Very lovely ride, with plenty of twists and turns along the way, many an extreme 45 degrees. This route had so many apple orchards it was the thing to do for sure. I was pleased with the orchard we chose; pick your own or purchase, we didn’t want to spend too much time, since our goal was to ride, but we did enjoy some hot apple cider and purchased a peck of Fuji apples for some apple pie crumble and baked empanadas. Yum! You can check out the pics here.

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