Apple Picking

I have always been motivated by the changing seasons; spring cleaning, summer grilling, fall sweaters and cozy winter nights by the fire to name a few of my favorite. The first thing that comes to mind when I think of fall is pumpkin but apples are my next favorite runner up. On our recent trip to the mountains we were able to sneak in a trip to a local apple picking orchard. Mid-October is the perfect time to pick Fuji, my favorite baker apple. I don’t really do much baking over the summer, but picking Fuji apples in the fall is the best time to get back into the swing. Since we were on the trike, I couldn’t stock up too much, but a peck of these sweet babies was enough to make an apple pie crumble and some oven baked empanadas. Yummy! The smell of apples baking is like heaven on earth. The baked empanadas were really easy, I used ready made pie crust and sautéed the apples in butter, brown sugar and cinnamon until tender. I let the filling cool while I rolled out the crust and cut out circles using a cereal bowl as a guide. I was able to cut out five nice sized circles from one box. I filled each circle with about a quarter cup of filling, folded in half and crimped the edges with a fork. I had to crimp both sides to keep the filling in. Before baking, I brushed each empanada with a whisked egg mixed with water to give the crust a nice browned look. I don’t like sweet apple pie but you could make a powdered sugar glaze and brush over the top.

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