My Top 5 Travel Tips

No matter if I am headed out for the weekend or off to a convention, I always use the ‘pack as you go’ method. The night before, I pick out my clothes, jewelry, and shoes and get those packed up. As I am going through my normal evening routine, things I use go in my bag (unless it is something I use again in the morning). When I change into my PJ’s, the set I plan to bring with me goes in my bag. (I have actually forgotten them once). In the morning, as I get dressed, the rest of my essentials go in the bag. Nothing is worse than checking into your hotel room and realizing you forgot your toothbrush, deodorant or worse, your medication. I use the same method when packing for home; it has kept me from suffering the dreaded ‘hotel-itis’ fever!

For short overnight trips, I pack what I need in my computer bag and pocketbook so I don’t have to check a bag. I have learned to pair down the accessories I carry with me and take advantage of the essentials that every hotel I have ever stayed in provides. One night away from my normal shampoo, conditioner and facewash won’t kill me. I wear jeans on travel day and roll my outfit for the next day along with an extra shirt to wear home with the same jeans I wore to my destination. Stack slacks, blouse, undergarments and roll them up. This helps minimize wrinkles and fits better in the bottom of my computer bag. As soon as I check in, I unroll and hang my outfit. If they are wrinkled, there is always an iron available.

Working on the go can be challenging, especially keeping everything charged. Nothing says unprofessional more than having to leave a conference call because your “phone is about to die”. I always bring multiple IPhone charge cords with plug in and car adaptors, power sticks and earbud headphones. I use the ‘pack as you go’ method for my charging accessories too. My latest find is a Cocoon wrap case, it keeps all my charge components together and tangle-free and slides neatly in my bag with my computer.

Keeping excess calories in check when traveling can be challenging too; and if you are traveling often they can add up quickly. My favorite roadside grab and go snack is cheddar cheese cubes loaded with protein, and red grapes to satisfy my sweet tooth. Most convenience stores are carrying healthy options so that combination is usually available. If you can’t find them, opt for a cereal bar instead of a candy bar or better yet, bring something from home. Check out this list of TSA approved items for some ideas; for example, you can bring a sandwich with mayonnaise on it but you can’t bring mayonnaise packets.

Opt out of the hotel breakfast buffet and bring something from home too. Instant oatmeal is one of my favorite things to toss in my bag. Join the hotel membership and earn points for free stays instead. If you do opt in for the free breakfast, grab some eggs, mayonnaise packets and bread for egg salad sandwiches at lunch. Don’t like egg salad? Pick up some peanut butter and jelly packets. There is usually something you can snag for a snack later in the day. Apples and oranges make great portable snacks; fruit loops in a to-go coffee cup make a great sweet treat too.

These are just a few of the tricks I have adopted; I am always up for new ideas! Have a great tip? Please share! As much travel as I do, I need all the help I can get! Sign up here for weekly blog post updates;  unsubscribe anytime.  

Cocoon Power Organizer

On the Go; Grab and Go Snack

Roll Your Outfits to Minimize Wrinkles

Instant Oatmeal From Home

Using these for one night won’t kill me.

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