This summer has been our first season traveling in our RV and we have loved every minute of it. One of the reasons we chose the Thor  Gemini 23 TB model is it’s size. At a compact twenty four feet (if you include the ladder) it is easy set up and take down but still loaded with amenities. Since we both still work full time, the majority of our trips are weekend trips. With a larger size model there is no way we would take off on a Friday afternoon only to turn around and come back Sunday. In order to make the most of our weekend getaways, we have done some boondocking so we can travel a little further. We  pack up the RV on Thursday and head out Friday afternoon, drive a few hours and find a nice spot to snuggle in for the night. We wake up the next day refreshed and ready to go. I was a little nervous doing this at first but so far we have found some really nice rest stops. Check out this short video of a rest stop near the Tennessee/North Carolina border. I think it is my favorite so far.

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