Meal Prep As You Go

I spend so much time on the go that when I am home, the last thing I want to do is go out to eat! When I am in the office, I almost always bring a packed lunch too. It’s my way of trying to control the inevitable weight gain that comes with a sedentary job and frequent travel lifestyle. I enjoy cooking but there are some nights the last thing I want to do is cook and let’s face it, even though planning menus and having a grocery list helps with the stress of the “What’s for Dinner?” question, that’s not always easy to do! Over the years I’ve learned to prep as I go, anything I can do now that will save me time later is a no brainer for me!

When I cook, I am constantly prepping ahead. Chopping vegetables for a salad? I chop them all and save what I don’t use for another meal. Things like cucumbers, red pepper slices or onion slices keep well in my keeper as long as I pack them in airtight glass containers. Pull from them all week for a quick tossed salad to pair with your dinner. Peppers and onions also freeze very well so cut them all and freeze what you don’t need. Then, next time you need a quarter cup of diced onions, you can pull them from your freezer tear free. Have leftovers? Pack them up in single serve meal containers for a quick meal when you get home late, just don’t feel like cooking or for a ready made microwave lunch.

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Tossed Salad Dinner Prep

Some of My Favorite Containers


Sunday Breakfast Leftovers!

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