My Pretired Life October Sneak Peak

Happy Monday!

After my quick trip to Colorado last week, I had a hard time waking up this morning. Scrambling to get ready and grabbing a quick coffee on my way out the door, I literally stopped short in my driveway and took a deep breath; I swear I can smell fall coming and I am so ready! What a nice surprise to step outside to temperatures in the mid-sixties! (I won’t mention the spider web I stepped through right afterwards)

Looks like this week we are going to see lows in the mid-sixties all week! I love the changing of the seasons, and my lifestyle seems to change with them. My taste buds go from craving grilled burgers to soup, my favorite weekend outfit becomes a comfortable pair of jeans, a t-shirt with a flannel shirt for layering and flip flops (even at a bonfire). Even my house transforms from seashells to pumpkin décor, beach scented candles to cinnamon, and all the throw blankets come out to keep my feet toasty while scouring Pinterest before bed! It’s like I am preparing for hibernation or something.

We are headed to the mountains mid-month so look for some colorful leaf photos and how I did on my first motorcycle ride through them! I missed the harvest moon last month, but the hunter’s moon is around the 24th so it should make for some nice shots during our trip! Recipes that always come out this time of year are apple pie crumble, cranberry liqueur, simmer pot recipes and of course soup! Make sure to follow my blog  or like my Facebook page so you don’t miss a thing!

Happy Fall Ya’ll!

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