Hurricane Party Checklist

Hurricanes bring out the best in people. Perfect strangers standing in long grocery store lines, waiting to pay for a cart full of hurricane supplies, discussing past storms, the severity of the current storm, what they are doing to prepare and always leave each other with a passing “Stay Safe” Wouldn’t it be amazing if people treated each other like that all the time?

Having lived through some pretty bad storms, it always gets to me when I am face to face with those not heeding the warnings. I typically try to urge them to prepare at least a little. Maybe you will be alright, but what if you are not? What’s your backup plan? While you are out buying your beer, pick up a loaf of bread and a gallon of water. It won’t kill you. These storms are monsters that pack one hell of a punch leaving total destruction in their wake, don’t become a statistic!

Even though they usually shrug me off, I always share some of my experiences and leave them with at least one of the tips below. Maybe they will prepare, maybe they won’t, but it makes me feel like I at least tried. If you are a person that doesn’t worry too much about these monster storms, what will it hurt you to check a few off the list below?

  1. Make sure you have at least a few Non-Perishables on hand: bread, peanut butter, tuna fish, you get the idea. Do you have a Non-Electric Can Opener? Chances are you will lose power; don’t want to have to open the can of tuna with a screw driver and hammer do you? (OK, that might actually be fun)
  2. Pick up some snacks, if you are stuck inside listening to the 100+ MPH winds and pounding rain you will want something! Buy hey, this is where your beer comes in!
  3. Buy a Flashlight! If you already have one, great; buy some fresh Batteries for it.
  4. Gas up you vehicle. Even if you have half a tank, top it off. (Can’t pump gas without power)
  5. Charge Your Electronics; you know you don’t want to go without them! Plus, Social Media is a great way to stay informed.
  6. Insect Repellant. Rain equals mosquitos, pterodactyl-sized mosquitos!
  7. You don’t think you need to pick up a ton of WATER? I get it, but do me a favor, Fill Your Bathtub! If nothing happens all you have to do is pull the plug; otherwise, you have a way to flush your toilet and wash up. If you live in an area that floods, you will be glad you did it. Flooding typically leads to No Boil/Boil Water Advisories. Just so you know, the recommendation is to have a three day supply (one gallon, per person, per day).
  8. Make sure you have some Cash on hand.
  9. Stay Informed! Listen to your local weather! I bet you they even have an APP you can download. Download the APP!
  10. Stay Put for a while after the storm. As tempting as it is to venture out after the storm finally passes, it is best to stay put. The wind and rain may be gone but there could be downed trees and power lines. Give your public officials time to check for flooded roads and downed power lines! 

Stay Safe My Friend!



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