Scruffy’s 1st Birthday

July seems to be our birthday month. You won't catch me complaining, not one bit. Looks like we will be eating cake every weekend. Cake is good for the soul, right? Two cakes come to mind and both are making my mouth drool right now. This year marks our thirtieth anniversary, I will be resurrecting... Continue Reading →


Summer Solstice

Immerse Yourself In Summer! Click Through And Enjoy! We sure are in the dog days of summer where the humidity is almost unbearable. The days have been getting longer and longer, it’s hard to imagine that with the arrival of the Summer Solstice they are actually getting shorter. If we could turn the volume down... Continue Reading →

Summertime Shake

Summer is quickly approaching and the warmer weather always makes me want ice cream. In any form really, but I love a good creamy milkshake the best. My favorite summertime fast food stop is Chick-Fil-A. Not for the sandwich but the grilled nuggets and their creamy frozen lemonade. I came across my magic bullet a... Continue Reading →

Sea World

People don’t realize when you travel for work you don’t get to see much. Most of my time is spent inside a convention center. I’ve visited some nice ones though. LOL Last month I was in Orlando and my hotel was right across from Sea World. This was actually a bucket list item for me... Continue Reading →

Inspired By Dr. Seuss

After having such a great week of being completely unplugged it was off to Chicago for the week. I left in great spirits, recharged and ready to get back to work. Even though I had to fly out early on Memorial Day while the rest of my company had the day off, I was ready.... Continue Reading →

Learning To Listen

WARNING: Emotional Post! Missed last week's blog? Never miss a thing, sign up here for weekly blog post updates. Unsubscribe anytime. Don't forget to 'like' my Facebook page and follow me on Instagram. It’s funny sitting in a crowded airport terminal and watching all the people completely absorbed in their cell phones. Do people talk... Continue Reading →

Keeping It In Manuel Mode

Sitting on a plane after a one hour delay due to maintenance, the air conditioner seems to be stuck on heat, flight attendants trying to confirm number of passengers, communicating with the check in attendant, and specifically calling out my seat number, doesn’t exactly give me a warm fuzzy feeling! Have I mentioned the crying... Continue Reading →

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